BUAD 307/ MKT 385 - Fall 2018

Course syllabus (subject to change)
Marketing research instructions
Peer evaluation form

Email: proserpi@marshall.usc.edu
Office: HOH 332
Office hours: Tuesdays, 1pm - 3pm or email me for an appointment.

Class Hours and Locations
BUAD 307
Lecture/Discussion: 6-7:50pm Tuesday/Thursday, JFF LL 125

MKT 385
Lecture/Discussion: 10-11:50am Tuesday/Thursday, JFF 416

Tentative schedule:

Type Date Topic
Week 1
Lecture August 21 Welcome and introduction to the course, overview of the syllabus, overview of marketing (book chapter 1) Slides
Discussion August 23 Continuing overview of marketing Slides, Exercises
Week 2
Lecture August 28 Marketing strategy; social, mobile, and digital marketing; marketing ethics (book chapters 2-4). Slides CH 2, Slides CH 3, Slides CH 4
Discussion August 30 Continuing discussion on marketing strategy. NYT Article
Week 3 (Deadlines: groups should be formed by the end of this week; notify me if you cannot participate in the marketing research studies)
Lecture September 4 Analyzing the marketing environment and consumer behavior (book chapters 5-6). Slides CH 5, Slides CH 6
Discussion September 6 Business to business marketing, Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning, marketing research (book chapters 7,9, 10). Slides CH 7, Slides CH 9, Slides CH 10
Week 4
Lecture September 11 Continuing discussion on B2B marketing and STP. Exercises
Discussion September 13 Experiential Learning Center (ELC): Marketing In Action.
Week 5 (Deadline: group project proposal due in the discussion session of September 20)
Lecture September 18 Discussion on marketing research. Slides, Airbnb case, dataset
Discussion September 20 Discuss group project proposal.
Week 6
Lecture September 25 Product, branding and packaging decisions; developing new products (book chapters 11-12). Slides CH 11, Slides CH 12
Discussion September 27 Continuing discussion on product, branding and packaging decisions; developing new products. Brandless case, Exercises
Week 7
Lecture October 2 Guest speaker: Dana Paschetti, Social Media manager at Hush.
Discussion October 4 Review of the course in preparation of the midterm. Midterm questions MKT385, Midterm questions BUAD307
Week 8
Lecture October 9 Midterm exam.
Discussion October 11 Guest speaker: Azita Sayadi, Driver Product Marketing Manager at Uber.
Week 9
Lecture October 16 Services, the intangible product. Service recovery paradox, example of service recovery, fake reviews (book chapter 13). Slides CH 13
Discussion October 18 Continuing discussion of services. Service exercises
Week 10
Lecture October 23 Guest speaker: Zach Winston, Data Scientist at eBay.
Discussion October 25 No class
Week 11
Lecture October 30 Pricing concepts for establishing value (book chapter 14). Slides CH 14 part I
Discussion November 1 Continuing discussion on pricing. Ethical and societal dilemmas (price discrimination). Slides CH 14 part II, Pricing exercises
Week 12
Lecture November 6 Supply chain, retailing, and multichannel marketing (book chapters 15-16). CH 15, CH 16
Discussion November 8 Continuing discussion on supply chain and retailing. Cases CH 15 and CH 16
Week 13
Lecture November 13 Integrated marketing communications, and advertising (book chapters 17-18). CH 17, CH 18
Discussion November 15 Continuing discussion on IMC and advertising. Discussion Slides
Week 14
Lecture November 20 Experiential Learning Center (ELC): Washaway Clean in JFF-ELC
Discussion November 22 Thanksgiving, no class.
Week 15 (Deadlines: Presentation must be sent to me by midnight of November 28; paper by midnight of November 30)
Lecture November 27 Review of the course in preparation of the final exam. Final exam review
Discussion November 29 Group project presentations.
BUAD 307: December 6, 7-9pm
MKT 385: December 11, 8-10am

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