BUAD 307 - Fall 2020

Course syllabus (subject to change) ( Note about the syllabus)
Research studies instructions
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Email: proserpi@usc.edu
Office hours: Mon, 2pm-3:30pm, Tue 12-1:30pm, or email me for an appointment.

Synchronous session hours:
BUAD-307 14802: Monday, 4 pm-6 pm
BUAD-307 14804: Tuesday, 4 pm-6 pm
BUAD-307 14806: Tuesday, 2 pm-4 pm
BUAD-307 14808: Monday, 6 pm-8 pm
BUAD-307 14810: Tuesday, 10 am-12 pm

Tentative schedule:

Week Date Topic
Week 1 August 17/18 Welcome and introduction to the course, overview of the syllabus, overview of marketing and marketing strategy (book chapter 1) Part 1, Part 2
Week 2 August 24/25 Social, mobile, and digital marketing; marketing ethics (book chapters 2-4) Ch. 2, Ch. 3, Ch. 4
Dicussion and exercises ch 2-4
Week 3 (Deadlines: groups formation; notify me if you cannot participate in the marketing research studies) August 31/September 1 Analyzing the marketing environment, consumer behavior (book chapters 5,6) Ch. 5, Ch. 6, Car Sharing Case
Dicussion and exercises ch 5-6
Week 4 (September 7 is Labor Day) September 7/8 - Work on you project proposal, I will be on Zoom or Remo during discussion times Monday Sept. 7
- On September 8, Experiential Learning Center (ELC): Marketing in Action
Week 5 (Project proposal due on Sept. 18) September 14/15 - Experiential Learning Center (ELC): Marketing in Action on Monday Sept. 14
- Work on you project proposal, I will be around to help/answer questions
Week 6 September 21/22 B2B marketing and STP (book chapters 7,9) Ch. 7, Ch. 9, Canyon Case
Discussion exercises
Week 7 September 28/29 - Marketing research (book chapter 10) Ch. 10, Data Ethics, Embracing neuroscience
Airbnb case and data
- Review of the course in preparation of the midterm during lecture time (slides)
Week 8 (Midterm) October 5/6 - Midterm during lecture time (Monday, Oct. 5, 12-2pm)
- Product, branding and packaging decisions; developing new products (book chapters 11,12) Ch. 11, Ch. 12
Brandless case
Week 9 October 12/13 Services, the intangible product. Service recovery paradox, example of service recovery, fake reviews (book chapter 13) Ch. 13
Fake reviews case
Online reviews case (for discussion), Airbnb reviews , Yelp reviews , TripAdvisor restaurant reviews , TripAdvisor hotel reviews
Week 10 October 19/20 - Guest speaker during lecture time: Geoff Gates, Associate Director, Social and Content for the Lakers
- Pricing concepts for establishing value (book chapter 14) Ch. 14 (part 1), Ch. 14 (part 2)
Week 11 October 26/27 Supply chain and channel management, retailing and multichannel marketing (book chapters 15,16)
Ch. 15, Ch. 16
Week 12 November 2/3 - Guest speaker during lecture time: Kyle Thompson, Snapchat (Kyle leads the internal Post Production team for the Marketing department)
- Integrated Marketing Communications, advertising (book chapters 17, 18)
Ch. 17, Ch. 18, Discussion slides
Week 13 (Deadlines: Presentation must be sent to me by Nov. 8; paper and peer evals by Nov 14) November 9/10 - Review of the course in preparation of the final exam during lecture time Review Slides
- Group presentations
Week 14 November 17/24 Final exam is Friday, November 20, it will be available from 8am to Midnight. Instructions coming soon!
Final exam instructions
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