The Inaugural Business Research Applications Needing Data Science (BRANDS) Workshop was held in Los Angeles at USC Marshall on April the 13th and 14th, 2018. Videos of the sessions are available here.

In the new information era, analytics and data science is now ubiquitous in our lives and is changing forever how people perceive and manage business in ways that were simply unimaginable two decades ago. The recent rise of analytics in business and industry in Fortune 500 companies is the best evidence of how data science can fundamentally change the way companies operate and stimulate new ideas that sparkle business innovations in a personalized yet networked world.

The premise here is that there are many new developments in data science that are not fully understood outside the discipline, while at the same time there are numerous business research applications of which the data science community is unaware. Providing faculty with exposure to real world challenges and needs from industry can greatly inspire innovative research ideas and developments that will further advance the frontiers in both academia and industry. Hence, the emphasis of the workshop will be educating participants on the connections between analytics, data science and business research problems, with the goal of stimulating future collaborations.

Marshall already has a number of the leading experts in data science on our faculty. The inaugural BRANDS workshop will bring together USC faculty with expertise in data science, USC faculty working on important business research problems, and external leading experts in data science, business, and industry. These three groups will be chosen in roughly equal proportions with the goal of generating cross fertilization of knowledge across the areas.