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Picture books by Elizabeth and Charlotte Lu

Picture Book about Animals (Charlotte Lu, 2023)
Daily Journal of First Grade (Charlotte Lu, 2023)
Jackson Park (Elizabeth Lu, 2022; Elizabeth's first chapter book (Part I) completed in August 2022 and Parts II & III to follow)
Here Kitty (Charlotte Lu, 2022)
The Diary of An Elf (Elizabeth Lu, 2021)
Jack Learns to Fly And Sing (Elizabeth Lu, 2021)
Diary of the Easter Bunny (Elizabeth Lu, 2021)
I Am Mouse (Charlotte Lu, 2021)
A Day for Cat (Charlotte Lu, 2021)
Happy Baby (Charlotte Lu, 2021)
Life As a Doctor (Elizabeth and Charlotte Lu, 2021)
Playing In the Snow (Elizabeth and Charlotte Lu, 2021)
Little Bee Finds A Friend (Elizabeth and Charlotte Lu, 2021)
An Adventure at Sea (Elizabeth and Charlotte Lu, 2020)
The Sad Dragon (Elizabeth and Charlotte Lu, 2020)
I Like My Mom (Elizabeth Lu, 2018)